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Very detailed! I like the color scheme you used on Ash! Even though he looks like a colored over Sonic he still has a firm difference i...

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Sonaze: A Week - Finale: Friday
Chaos Dimension
12: 43 p.m.
“I’m gonna miss her Tails.”
Tails placed a hand on Sonic’s shoulders.
“Well like you said. She’ll be back Sonic.”
Sonic rested his hand on top of his.
“I know. I really didn’t think I would miss her as soon as she left.”
Tails rubbed his hand through his yellow fur.
“Well, it’ll be worth it once she comes back.”
Sonic chuckled as he felt Blaze’s red bracelet tighten around his leg. He rubbed it as his mind kept racing around Blaze.
“*Sigh*...You definitely called it didn’t you?”
Tails threw his goggles down as he looked on.
“It doesn’t matter now. What matters is that you got her, and she has you.”
Sonic nodded. He looked down as he pulled out his phone. He plugged in his earbuds and played a song. It was one of his favorites from the beginning, and is still one of them now.
*Five For Fighting - The Ri
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Sonaze: A Week: Thursday
Thursday: 6: 33 a.m.
Morning came. The romantic night waned as the sun rose over the horizon of Mobius. The sun finally peeked through as the clouds started to fade from the sky. It wasn’t clear, but it ceased any rainfall from days before. Beauty began to grow as the city awakened from its nightly bouts.
As Tail’s machine worked away, the storm in the skies cleared away as it revealed the open blue sky on the horizon. The Chaos Emeralds finally balanced out the chaotic energy that was flowing through the city.
But as life grows in the city, two heroes rested. Tired from the previous, but romantic night before. A new relationship has now formed as Blaze’s head lie on top of Sonic’s chest. As the Princess rested, The Blur already awoke to the morning light. He looked to the ceiling as the thoughts began racing through his mind.
”Can’t deny it now. Tails definitely called it.”
Sonic took another look at Blaze as he
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Sonaze: A Week: Wednesday
Wednesday: 1: 35 a.m.
Sustaining through 4 hours of hard work, Tails finally finished working on his new invention! The Interdimensional Splicer as he dubbed it! The two-tailed fox wiped his forehead in relief as the machine powered on! All was looking well for Blaze’s way home to her dimension as the young mechanic stood up, tucked away the Chaos Emerald, and tidied up his workspace.
He turned on the machine as it began to power on. The glow from the machine signified that a reaction is occurring. Tails noticed this as he became relieved.
”*Phew!* Finally! Blaze can go home after this!”
Tails approached the door. After exiting the room, his ears perked up! The sound of purring caught the fox’s attention as he entered the living room. The chill of the air ran down the mechanic’s spine as he saw the feline lying on the couch! Sonic laid on one end while Blaze slept on the other.
No words were spoken as the lazy hedgehog and th
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Sonaze: A Week: Tuesday
Tuesday: 7: 43 a.m.
The smell of a delicious meal brought Blaze from her sleep! As she opened her eyes she noticed a small plate sitting on the coffee table. She sat up instantly as her hunger continued growing! She picked up the plate along with the fork lying beside of it and ate! The insatiable hunger she felt had begun to wane bit by bit with each bite she took out of the delectable goodness.
After gorging on the food, she noticed a card sitting on the table! A fire emblem was drawn on the sides of the card. She grabbed it and admired the beauty of it. She opened the card as she read the note inside.
”Hope the breakfast was good! I had to run a few errands today but I should be back soon! I also put your clothes are in the wash and dried them out. If you wanna head outside, there’s a key hanging on the side of the door. Don’t forget to lock it on your way! See ya soon! -Sonic!”
She closed the card and held it to her heart.
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Sonaze: A Week: Monday
Sonaze: A Week
Monday: 10: 31 p.m.
Rain. Pouring down on the rooftops as each drop made it’s way to Mobius. Sonic was relaxing in his apartment as the day was droning on and dark clouds hung in the air. Not a single sight of the moon had tried to peek through the darkness that the clouds had brought upon the city. Although it was a dreary day, Sonic decided to make the most of it by relaxing and taking a break from all of the responsibilities he held to the city.
A blanket covered the hedgehog as he was knee deep in his sleep. It seemed like nothing could ever interrupt the luxurious feeling the hedgehog experienced while in this state.
Well! Almost nothing.
*Knock! Knock! Knock!*
The knock was soft, but it was just enough to wake up the sleeping hero. He had been sleeping in his red shorts with a blue T-shirt! The back had slits that allowed the s
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Sonaze: Hot Chocolate
Sonaze: Hot Chocolate
Time: 7:30p.m.
December. A month that was filled with Ornaments, Hot Chocolate, Gifts, and a warm fire to keep its residents of Mobius warm! Sonic the Hedgehog had prepared for that very special occasion! He had put on a long green and blue striped scarf, and a more upgraded version of his gloves! They helped warm his hands under freezing temperatures during the harshness of the weather like tonight!
Upon approaching the door, he felt an odd chill run down his spine. This chill wasn’t the kind of chill he got from running in the cold weather no! This feeling could only be because of one thing only! The ice beneath his feet should he choose to run.
“I really don’t feel like slipping on ice. I really, really don’t!”
Although Sonic felt like staying in, he knows that he has to fight the cold if he really wants to
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Sonaze: One Secret Finale
The Chaos Dimension...
Tails sat in his chair as he tinkered around with his inventions. He noticed a glimmer in his tool as he looked over to his right. The sight had made him pause all thoughts of work as he set the tool down.
Tails: (Looking at Sonic’s Shoe Buckle) Sonic. The best friend a two-tailed fox could ask for. I’m gonna miss him asking about my adventures all the time. Can’t hurt to-!
Knuckles: Tails!
Tails: (Startled) DUDE! Can you knock next time?!
Knuckles: (Shaking his head) No time for knocking now! Come outside!
Tails: (Standing up) Knuckles! What’s happening?
Knuckles: (Smiling) You’ll have to see it to believe it my friend! (Heading out)
Tails began following Knuckles outside in curiousity. He had exited the garage door he barged in from to notice a familiar sight standing before him.
Tails: (Disbelief) Sonic?
Tails looked at Sonic in total shock! Sonic was indeed there, but he wasn
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Sonaze One Secret 8
Pyro Sonic: (Opening Eyes) I’m...I’m here.
The pyrokinetic hedgehog was floating in a white mist. He knew where he was, but he couldn’t see it! His newfound fire had arisen from the depths of his heart as he remembers the secret told to him.
Fessir: Have you made peace with yourself in making this choice?
Sonic: (Nodding) Saving the world is more important than living in it. I won’t let my friends down.
Sonic clenched his hands to make sure he was alive.
Sonic: I...I understand…
“...You are one of many...a life of another world…”
Sonic: Yeah...a life of the feet on the ground…
“...Your soul belongs to me...a life given for two worlds...the use of power beyond the Sol understanding…”
Sonic: I am yours...but a secret
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Sonaze One Secret 7
Sonic: (Coarsely/Waking up) Ugh. That was not cool! Felt like a rock hit me hard! Okay. Feeling really heavy too. (Wiping his eyes/looking around) Oh. I’m at Marine’s shack.
Sonic looked over the covers to see Blaze resting by him. She had changed into different clothes this time. She wore a form fitting green sleeveless T-shirt with bright white pajamas.
Sonic: (Raising an eyebrow/softly) *Sleeping by me again? Never mind. *Yawn!* What time is it anyway?*
Sonic looked for a clock in the room. He found one hanging on the wall as the time read 8:15 a.m.
Sonic: (Softly) *Blaze might’ve put her clothes in the wash. I need to get up anyway.* (Struggling) *Wow*
Blaze: (Softly) *Purrr...* (Grabs Sonic)
Sonic: (Surprised) What the-?
Blaze: (Pulls herself towards him) *Purrr....*
Her tail begins to wrap itself around Sonic as he carefully tries to get loose. He fails as her tail and her body entrap him in a soft embrace. Her body had made it
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Sonaze: One Secret 6
Blaze: (Abruptly Rose) No!
The bloodcurdling scream had awakened her from a deep slumber as she looked around! She recognized it as the Blur himself, but he was nowhere to be found! The scream sounded so painful to her as she immediately rushed from her hammock.
Blaze: (Standing) I need to find him! (Running)
She sped forward! Her speed increasing as her anxious demeanor turned into full-blown determination! She followed the trail Sonic had left behind from the boat as she was led into the belly of the woods! She followed the disturbed dirt on the ground to a cave! Flecks of white lights floated around in the air.
As she approached nearer, she felt a familiar energy flowing as she entered!
Sonic: *Pant* *Pant* *Pant*
She heard Sonic’s weariness from a distance and stopped in her tracks!
Blaze: Sonic! Where are you?!
Sonic: (Lowly) I’m...I’m here. Still alive.
Sonic approached from the cave, but something about him was different! He leaned on the side of the cav
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Sonaze: One Secret 5
The sun rose with clouds hanging in the air. Seagulls began to speak with alarming caws around the sea as the day begins to peak from a distance. It begged for one of the heroes to wake.
Sonic: (Groggy/Yawning) I’ve never slept any better in my life! (Looking down) Huh?
Sonic notices a familiar pair of gloved hands holding his waist, with his back pressing upon someone!
Sonic: Blaze?
She didn’t respond as she held onto the hedgehog.
Sonic: (In thought) Huh. This is a little awkward! You know...she most likely got cold last night. Wouldn’t blame her one bit for doing this.
Sonic carefully removed her hands from his waist as he turned to face her. Her hands went back to her head as she rested upon them. Not an eye was opened when her hands returned to her.
Sonic: (Standing) Alright. Gotta put this Princess somewhere more comfortable!
The caring hedgehog kneeled down, and picked up the sleeping Princess in both arms. He carried her over to a hammock that hung from
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Sonaze: One Secret 4
Marine: Oy! That there be Sonic! Ahoy mates! Me noggin had a feelin’ we would meet again! How’s the old bugger Tails be doing?
Sonic: (Approaching) He’s doing well actually! How are you doing Marine?
Sonic kneeled down as the racoon gave him a tight hug.
Marine: (Letting go) Doing fine laddie! I been expectin’ ye’ to return!
Sonic: Well now that I’m here, can we use your ship?
Marine: (Hugging Blaze) Sure thing! After all ye’ done for me, I owe ye’ many favors! (Letting go) Though be wary you two! These here seas be crawlin’ with more monsters than the clean pickin’ eye!
Sonic: We will! wanna come with us? We need a captain after all!
Marine: (Undoing docking rope) Thanks for the offer mate, but there be some deeds I be wantin’ to get done! Now be on yer way laddies! Blaze can show ye how the boat works on the way.
Sonic: Will do-Wait? Blaze? You can pilot a ship?!
Blaze: (Walking up the planks) Things have cha
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Sonaze: One Secret 3
An hour went by before Sonic and Blaze had arrived at the Palace. Sonic was unusually out of breath as they halted at the ascending steps. Sonic began panting hard at the amount of effort he exerted in the race
Sonic: *Pant!* *Pant!* I…*Pant* totally won that race! *Phew!*
Blaze gazed upon the worn out hedgehog in victory!
Blaze: It was only through training that I was able to beat you Sonic. You have made a valiant effort much to my surprise!
Sonic: I...*Pant* run everyday! How am I not faster than you?!
Blaze begins to revel in the victory.
Blaze: Maybe if you push yourself like you have today, you just might have a chance!
Sonic: Maaan! Come on! I was close!
Blaze: Okay. You were close. C’mon now Sonic. We’re here! Surely you can outrace me on those measly little palace steps!
Sonic: (Walking up the steps) Okay, now you’re being mean. Though this is a new side of you I’ve never seen before! Snarky and hilarious! G
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Sonaze: One Secret 2
Sonic: Blaze? Is that actually you?
Sonic gawked at the sight! Blaze stood there with her arms crossed in a relaxed manner. She had worn a new purple bikini, her hair was down, and her golden eyes were shining in the rays of the sunlight! Blaze became both flushed and surprised at the sight of Sonic! Especially in this awkward moment.
Sonic: (Gawking) I! Do I need to actually?...
Her blushing was hidden by the distance between both of them.
Blaze: (Refocusing) No! You don’t have to…(covering her face)
Sonic: (in thought/scratching his forehead) This is awkward.
Blaze: (In thought/closing her eyes) How on Earth did Sonic get here?
Sonic: Say something dude! (Speaking) Yeah...I’ll just go-!
Blaze: That’s not necessary! (Thinking) Blaze! What do you think you’re doing?!
Blaze tried her best to make the situation as comfortable for both of them.
Sonic: Uh…(sitting near the coast) Alright!
Blaze had walked over and sat
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Sonaze: One Secret 1
Sonic: I’m telling you Tails! I saw what I saw! I’m not saying it was real or anything, but it felt like she was actually there! I have a feeling that the Chaos Emeralds are trying to tell me something!
Tails: Haha! C’mon Sonic! Not even the Chaos Emeralds are powerful enough to do that! Let alone the Sol Emeralds in her dimension!
Sonic: Tails. C’mon. Me and Blaze both used our Emeralds at the same time. How can you call that impossible?
Tails: Because Sonic. The wavelengths always bounce away from each other! We may have came into contact with her world, but an actual physical connection between the Emeralds? I have to see it to believe it Sonic.
Sonic: Alright. Just consider for one second that it is actually possible I saw her. What would that actually mean?
Tails: The short version? Both of our worlds would come into contact with each other. The really short version: Reality would break itself apart.
Sonic stood there trying to process what his best friend
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Sonaze: One Secret Prolouge
The meeting of the wind and fire cancel each other out in a calm and smooth manner. A Princess who guards the most powerful Emeralds of her world along with the Forgotten, but yet snarky Prince who always runs towards the sound of danger! Both heroes came together time and time again to rescue both of their worlds from the brink of destruction and with each battle came a victorious end! Though alas there’s always a sense of sadness in the Pyrokinetic Princess. Though with that sadness had come hope! Hope that was given from the one person who was always there in times of need.
Only-What if there was a secret? Just one tiny secret that could affect not just the heroes, but what they were meant to be? Only the tale I’m going to tell you will reveal that very secret! Let’s not waste any more time shall we?
A gush of wind flows by the beach! Sonic is currently running at top speed along the coast of the water as he begins to thi
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Sonaze/ Eco (Pelicula) by Star10919 Sonaze/ Eco (Pelicula) :iconstar10919:Star10919 4 0 ARK of Lies by AstralSonic ARK of Lies :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 136 23 Don't Worry Buddy by AstralSonic Don't Worry Buddy :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 165 28 Hang On, I'm Coming! by AstralSonic Hang On, I'm Coming! :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 129 27
Sonaze | Skating
Sonaze One-Shot
It was a cold December evening.
A blue hedgehog was strolling through the forest though the cool made him shiver right into the bones. A sneeze escaped him. He rubbed his nose and pulled his green scarf up to his mouth.
'Man, I should've know that helping Amy on decorating for the party on Christmas Eve would end like this. Me walking home alone and freezing. Just great.'
Another sneeze escaped him, this one bigger and higher than the last.
"Gosh! I hope I won't get a cold before Christmas." He said loudly in slight frustration, pulling his scarf to his nose and continued his walk.
Now that his nose felt warm, his hands seemed to freeze like hell and so did his ears. Grumping under his breath about the horrible weather, his freezing cold ears seemed to twitch which made him whinge in slight pain. But the sound seemed to come from the nearby lake.
Curiosity seemed to get the better of the cobalt hedgehog and he move
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Motoko Kusanagi by Kamiken1 Motoko Kusanagi :iconkamiken1:Kamiken1 163 67 did somebODY SAY BUNN Y by Aeniridiae did somebODY SAY BUNN Y :iconaeniridiae:Aeniridiae 35 25 Kiki gifto by Aeniridiae Kiki gifto :iconaeniridiae:Aeniridiae 23 10 The Mysterious Creature by Xanderleonart The Mysterious Creature :iconxanderleonart:Xanderleonart 254 37 Gift - Mega Absol by AstralSonic Gift - Mega Absol :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 32 6 Bouncing Tails by AstralSonic Bouncing Tails :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 95 20
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows I-S
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
The Interactive Story
Orion Petitclerc
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was produced by Marvel Enterprises, Treyarch Invention, Activision, PCB Production, and Shaba Games.  Spider-Man and all characters in-game are property of Marvel Entertainment, Inc.  I do not own nor claim to own rights to this story or its characters.  This is a literary companion to the said videogame, available on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, PS2, and PSP gaming platforms.  Not every mission in-game is provided in the literary companion, only the missions that influence story progress.  The literary companion aims to parallel the Web of Shadows story in-game, including all the interactive choice instances that determine the outcome of the story.  It is highly recommended that the reader uses the complementary CHOICE TRACKING SHEET to help with a smooth progression of the story.  The game, as is the litera
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Pikmin - steve by KingKirbyThe3rd Pikmin - steve :iconkingkirbythe3rd:KingKirbyThe3rd 263 143 Pikmin by BrownKirby Pikmin :iconbrownkirby:BrownKirby 257 91 Pikmin fanart by TygerStKuan Pikmin fanart :icontygerstkuan:TygerStKuan 164 42 Pikmin: in SNK - Shingeki no Pikmin by saiiko Pikmin: in SNK - Shingeki no Pikmin :iconsaiiko:saiiko 311 70



Coming back with Sonaze soon people. Along with that, the Spider-Legacy series shall be on hiatus starting now. Until then, I'll see you guys later! Peace out!
I have returned! So to sum things up in simpler terms: I will be completely careful about the content I post on here! To those of you needs out there, be warned...I WILL NEVER DO LEMONS! (A topic for my next journal) Anyway. My Sonaze Wedding One-Shot should be finished and posted by the end of next week! Have yourselves a fantastic day!
Cooly109 Here folks! I apologize for the mature content ban under my latest part, Sonaze: A Week: Wednesday. As of now, DA is watching my content and shutting down some stories I have, due to my careless writing. As of now, I'm on temporary leave until I can figure this out. Hopefully this'll be short, simple, and sweet! But when I return people, there will be changes that I have to make!


I'll be removed from the DA community permanently! To go more in depth with the threats:

- I cannot use another account with the same e-mail
- I will be locked out of any deviation that I posted from before
- I cannot create/retrieve any of my drafts I've left on DA
- I will be banned from any groups I've joined
- I cannot make anymore purchases from DA.

So as you can see, I am dealing with a lot of baggage right now! Don't worry folks, I won't be getting banned from the community. (At least I hope not!) I'll be back soon guys! Count on it!

Thank you for considering this message.

Tahj Ali
Wednesday: 1: 35 a.m.

Sustaining through 4 hours of hard work, Tails finally finished working on his new invention! The Interdimensional Splicer as he dubbed it! The two-tailed fox wiped his forehead in relief as the machine powered on! All was looking well for Blaze’s way home to her dimension as the young mechanic stood up, tucked away the Chaos Emerald, and tidied up his workspace.

He turned on the machine as it began to power on. The glow from the machine signified that a reaction is occurring. Tails noticed this as he became relieved.

”*Phew!* Finally! Blaze can go home after this!”

Tails approached the door. After exiting the room, his ears perked up! The sound of purring caught the fox’s attention as he entered the living room. The chill of the air ran down the mechanic’s spine as he saw the feline lying on the couch! Sonic laid on one end while Blaze slept on the other.

No words were spoken as the lazy hedgehog and the resting Princess were enjoying their slumber. Tails realized the reason for the cold temperature in the air? The Princess absorbed the humidity that hung in the air. This was truly a phenomena that struck awe on the fox. He held his arms to warm himself as he kept observing the two. A small laughter escaped him as he began to head out.

”Just friends. Ha! Yeah right. I know you Sonic.”

Tails closed the door behind him and locked the door before heading off. Leaving only Sonic and Blaze to their slumber. The night continued on as the rain slowed its descent as the clouds covered the midnight sky. Only the cold from the inside made both of them shift and
turn in their state.

7: 43 a.m.

Sonic felt the darkness. He felt the cold surrounding him. He tried his best to fight it, but the sharp pain hit him on every inch of his body! The blanket he was under could only last for so long! His body longed for the heat, but none was found. All he could do was ache in the pain.


Blaze said softly as she awoke from her slumber. She noticed the hedgehog was tossing and turning in his sleep! Tearing the blanket from her, she went to his side as she softly tried to shake him awake!


Still no response from the shuddering hedgehog! Suddenly an idea formed in her mind! It was a risk, but it’s one she would be willing to take! She hesitated for a split second as she reassured herself.

”Sonic is freezing! For me to do nothing is highly disgraceful! It matters not if the position provides much discomfort!”

Without another thought, she lay on top of him. As she lowered herself, her soft, developed chest pressed upon his. Her fire began to start up as the heat she exerted upon the hedgehog warmed him. Her sleek curves covered his body as the feline carried on. She grasped him with her legs as she pulled him close. She wanted him to take in as much of her heat as possible to comfort the hedgehog.

Sonic gasped as the heat surrounded him! It was warm, but intense for the Blur as he relaxed with the steamy touch. Blaze held his back with both of her hands as her tail began to wrap around his chest. It began to warm his back as the hedgehog shifted around to get even more comfortable!

As Blaze laid on top of him, she began to think more about how meaningful their relationship is becoming. She lifted her head to observe the sleeping hedgehog.

“Time and time again Sonic, you save me. Now I’m here warming you up! When will this constant cycle of care ever end?”

Blaze smiled as she rested her head back down on his chest. While this was indeed a statement between friends, Blaze couldn’t help but consider a future where Sonic and Blaze were King and Queen. A future where only both of them ruled!

While it was nice for her to think about, Blaze could only disregard such thoughts.

“While he would make an honorable King, I have no such interest to harbor such trivial feelings! He’s not from my world, and I have yet to return to mine.”

Blaze shook her head in disdain! But a small smile formed the more she thought about it. Just one thought about her future with him was enough to make her smile. Without another thought, she snuggled in his chest. Her body pressed upon him as she fell back into deep slumber.

9: 43 a.m.

The relaxation that the hedgehog felt was immense! His body became heavier as the he slept on through the morning. It was clear that Blaze was another factor, but a small one at best.

”*Sigh!* tired...warm too!”

Although Sonic couldn’t open his eyes, but he was awake. The sleep in his eyes glued them together as he felt a heaviness come upon him. Soft purring tickled his chest as he began to wake up!

”Wha-? Who’s on top of me?”

Sonic felt his hands on the back of someone. A woman maybe? Sonic wiped his eyes as he opened them! The sight almost made him jump, but his reflexes were quicker than his instinct as he managed to stop himself. He didn’t want to startle the Princess.

“Blaze? You awake?”

Blaze lifted her head from his chest. She removed a hand from his back as she wiped her eyes! As she opened her eyes, she saw the hedgehog staring. No sign of anger had formed in his eyes, but a sense of calm and peace. She closed her eyes once more as she managed a smile!

“Good morning Sonic! Did you enjoy your slumber?”

Sonic furrowed his brows in euphoria.

“I did! Thanks for warming me up.”

Blaze nodded as she released him, and stretched out. Sonic began to notice her figure as his body began tensing. The sleekness of her curves reworked the hedgehogs mind as he tried to regain focus. A small meow escaped the cat as she came off of him with her tail releasing his chest.

Sonic couldn’t get up. He was stunned! The beauty of Blaze actually stunned him! His eyes widened with the back of his mind screaming at him. He ignored the pleas they were shouting towards him as he slumped his head down.

”Tails called it. I’m not sure where me and Blaze stand. Thing is…”

Sonic took a look at the feline who was going through her morning routine. He turned himself back as his view aimed towards the ceiling.

”Heh. Who am I kidding? Of course I know where I stand with her! We’re just friends, and nothing’s gonna change that!”

Sonic’s attention went towards outside. His mood shot through the roof as he saw a ray of hope! Sunlight! The rain ceased as a hint of sunlight came piercing through the clouds! Almost immediately, an idea began to form in his mind!

“Hey Blaze?”

She ceased brushing her hair as she turned to Sonic.

“Yes, Sonic?”

He took a deep breath as the idea began to sway him.

“Wanna head to the beach?”

The Princess became confused for a split second before responding. She turned back to the mirror as she continued combing her feathered hair.

“Is the rain still persisting?”

Sonic shook his head  as he turned himself upright.

“Except for clouds hanging in the air, we’re good!”

Blaze scratched the back of her neck as she began to brush her teeth.

“I would be happy to accompany you Sonic, but I don’t have any means of swimwear. Let alone any currency to buy such attire.”

Sonic slapped his forehead as he realized the error of his words. Yet another idea came to him!

“Then let’s go and grab you one! You don’t have to worry about buying one! I got it covered!”

Blaze blushed at the gesture, but was ready to refuse.

“That’s quite alright Sonic! We could go another day!”

At that, Sonic wasn’t ready to take no for an answer.

“Come on Blaze, the rain stopped! We gotta enjoy the moments while we have it right?”

Blaze sighed as she agreed. She knew that she wasn’t getting out of this one.

“Alright Sonic. I accept. Let me take a quick shower before we leave.”

Sonic’s excitement peaked.

“Will do!”

Sonic sped off to his room as he quickly got changed! He sped back out as he began tapping his foot impatiently. As Blaze hopped in the shower, Sonic wore orange swim trunks with a white T-Shirt and a blue windbreaker! He changed up the pair of shoes he wore as he now donned his soap shoes! Perfect for carrying him through the sand at the beach.

”This is gonna be awesome!”

The hedgehog thought to himself. A smile forming on his face. After about 10 minutes of cleaning and fur brushing, Blaze came out with her regular attire! She put her hair up as she slipped her boots and gloves with both of them ready to go!

“Alright! Let’s do it!”

Blaze nodded as both of them exited the apartment and out into the cloudy day!
2: 33 p.m.

Altaire’s Attires and Souvenirs

Sonic presented the store to Blaze! It was luxurious in her sight, but was worried about the cost! If this was in her world then sure! She has the currency there, but here? She’s only short of a penny, and she doesn’t want to waste someone else’s money for personal gain! Stepping inside, she became astounded by the amount of clothing that revealed themselves on different stands!


Blaze said quietly enough for the hedgehog to miss it.

“Awesome! They have more clothes! Nice!”

As Sonic approached the register, Blaze noticed a very particular sign hanging right beside it!

It reads…

Married Couples 25% Discount! Limited Time Only!

Blaze quickly grabbed the opportunity as the owner began to speak.

“It’s always a pleasure to see you Sonic! And to you as well young lady! What can I do for you two today?”

Sonic looked around once more.

“Well...I was hoping to find her something for the beach today! Think you can help me out Altaire?”

The fox nodded appreciatively.

“For you? Anything! Follow me to the back.”

He left the counter as Blaze and Sonic followed him towards the back. Framed doors were holding the way for the beach section! The owner pushed open the doors as a light illuminated the room! Men’s and Women’s swimwear hung off of shelves as Blaze began looking around. Sonic waited patiently for the feline to search.

While he was waiting, other people began to notice his presence. Almost immediately, Sonic was bombarded by women who were trying to grab the attention of the hedgehog! Sonic managed to sneak away to the women’s section. A place where Sonic dared not go into! In this case, he didn’t really care since they were busy being fans of the Blur!

Sonic wiped his forehead in relief!

“*Phew!* Glad that’s over-!”


Sonic toppled over on someone. He prayed that it wasn’t Blaze, but of course…

“Sonic? What in heavens are you-?”

“Blaze. I need you to be silent for a minute.”

Blaze became irritated at the command, but she followed his direction nonetheless. Sonic’s ears perked up as he began to listen out for the crowd. After a few minutes, it died down. Sonic helped Blaze up as she wiped herself off! In her hands was a red bikini that Sonic was unable to noticed.

“Heh...sorry about that!”

Blaze shrugged the situation off as a smile grew on her.

“It’s alright Sonic. Now I need to see if this fits me.”

Sonic nodded as Blaze held the bra to her chest. The hedgehog turned away in complete embarrassment at the sight!


Blaze noticed his demeanor, and suddenly recognized the awkward situation she presented to him. Her cheeks burned red hot as she lowered the swim set down.

“I...I apologize! That was very rude of me!”

Sonic shook his head as he kept his eyes closed.

“Nah! You’re fine! Come find me out in the lobby when you’re done!”

Blaze nodded in agreement. She walked away as Sonic headed back towards the lobby.

2: 55 p.m.

After 20 minutes of waiting, Blaze came out with the bikini in hand. She tried her best not to blush as Sonic walked with her to the register. Altaire shifted items around as he prepped the scanner for the clothes. Blaze handed the bikini to Altaire as he scanned the tag on the back. He handed it back to Blaze as he pulled up the price. Once done, he looked over to Sonic.

“*Whistle!* Quite a beauty this is! The cost will be $54.36!”

Sonic was surprised! It wasn’t a problem for him to pay it, but the price was overreaching for Sonic’s standards! Though now was Blaze’s moment to seize that opportunity should it present itself!

“Now Sonic, I know that you’ve never married, but I have to check! So as procedure goes…”

Blaze was ready to respond.

“...Are you two a married couple?”

Sonic was about to respond, but Blaze quickly intervened!

“Yes, Altaire! Happily! Right Sonic?”

Blaze held his arm tightly. At that moment, Sonic’s heart stopped for a good minute before he came back to reality! Sonic was in utter disbelief as he tried to process what Blaze just said!


Sonic felt a burning sensation on his arm as he snapped out of it.

“Yeah! We’re Newlyweds if we’re being accurate here.”

Altaire nodded.

“Excellent! I’ll add the 25% Discount!”

As Altaire calculated the cost, Sonic turned to Blaze as he became both confused, and irritated! He began to mouth questions to Blaze.

*Why did you that?!*

Blaze took in a deep breath.

*I’m not going to let you waste all of your money for me! You deserve better than a leech!*

Sonic closed his eyes as he calmed down. He understood why as he released the building tension. An accepting smile formed on him.


He turned back to the register as Altaire gave them the new price!

“Alright! With the discount, it brings it down to $13.50. Cash or Credit?”

Sonic pulled out his wallet as he gave him the cash. Altaire gave Blaze the bag as they were ready to head out.

“Okay! Hope to see you guys soon! Best of luck you two!”

Sonic and Blaze nodded as they continued holding hands. As they walked out the door, Sonic released his hand from Blaze’s grasp. Blaze did feel slight embarrassment, but was replaced with a breath of relief.

“I never wanna do that again! Never ever again!”

Blaze couldn’t help but giggle.

“I’ve never seen you so flustered! It’s quite entertaining!”

Sonic went along as he shot back.

“Oh really? Kind of like when you were afraid of heights?”

Blaze became stone faced at this.

“What ever are you talking about Sonic?”

Sonic chuckled at her reaction.

“Oh. You know exactly what I’m talking about! You weren’t exactly subtle when you were hiding behind me last time!”

Blaze disregarded his words.

“We shall never speak about that!”

At that response, Sonic lost it! His laughter couldn’t be contained any longer. He managed to calm down as they made their way down to the beach.

“So, ‘Wife’ Huh? Interesting that you noticed the sign.”

Blaze became flustered at this.

“It’s better we not discuss it. Our goal is for the beach, not conversation!”

Sonic slyly smiled as he remained silent for the walk. The beach wasn’t far from where the two were, as a sign for “Spring Coast” laid ahead. Many people were walking through the entrance as stairs led the pathway down! Parking meters and cars were lined up on the roadway down as they were closing in on the beach.


Spring’s Beach

3: 30 p.m.

The two stepped upon the silky sand. Kids were running around on the beach as people were watching the waves crashing in! A boardwalk stood on the side as teens were jumping in and swam on. Surfboarders were riding on the beach as huge waves weren’t a problem for them! A few flags sat on the side as two of them were marked yellow. It cautioned for overreaching waves as a lifeguard went on standby.

“Spring’s Beach! Big on it’s name. I guess a lot of people wanna make the most of today too.”

Sonic closed his eyes as he took in the sandy smell of the beach. The smell of the water took him in as they began to tread on the sand. To his right was a shack for changing rooms, and to his left was a vendor for rentals on chairs, surfboards, towels, etc.

“This is awesome! I cannot wait to hang out here!”

Blaze smiled with him upon their arrival to the changing rooms. Lines were diverting to men’s and women’s rooms as Blaze made her way over. Sonic looked down to meet Blaze’s eyes.

“I’m gonna get us some chairs while you’re changing.”

Blaze nodded as she joined in the line. At this, Sonic left for the vendors as the cashier was setting up shop. At the sight of Sonic, he put up the stores sign and returned to the register.

“Sup Sonic! Need the ol’ chair again?”

Sonic shook his head.

“Not one, but two dude! Got someone with me this time! You mind getting me an extra towel too dude?”

The cashier nodded.

“Sure thing man! Only need 9 bucks for it!”

Sonic pulled out his wallet as he gave him the money.

“Alright! That’s it! Thanks dude!”

“No problem!”

Sonic ran towards the beach as he crowds were relaxing. The sea beyond the coast became softly disturbed! Sonic reached a decent spot as he unfolded the long chairs and set his towel down. After setting up, the hedgehog went towards the changing rooms with her towel in his hand.

”Hope Blaze is done. Now I can’t believe I’m saying this but...! Can’t wait to get into the water!”

Sonic leaned against the wall as he waited patiently for Blaze to come out. As he waited, the hedgehog looked around as the beach became more active! He became lost in the views as seconds began moving by.

“Hey! Big Blue!”

Sonic wasn’t gazing for long as a certain bat caught his attention!

“Rouge! What a surprise!”

Rouge put a hand on her hip as she stared at the hedgehog curiously.

“What brings you out here Big Blue? You’re not peeking on the ladies here are you?”

Of course Rouge was joking, and Sonic went along.

“Heh. Kinda hard not to. Especially if you’re around!”

In that moment, both of the two started laughing.

“Oh you’re such a riot Blue! But honestly, why are you on the beach of all places? You hardly enjoy being in the water!”

Sonic chuckled at the statement.

“You know me too well! *Sigh!* I’m gonna go surfboarding. While I don’t like being in the water, I do love shredding the waves!”

Rouge gave a confused smile.

“Really? Then I don’t really know you that well!”

Sonic nodded in agreement.

“Yeah well, everyone has their hobbies.”

Blaze appeared from the changing rooms.

“I’m done Sonic!”

Sonic turned around. The sight before him had surprised the hedgehog! Sonic managed to snap out of it as he focused back on reality.

“Hey Blaze! Your towel and sunglasses are hanging right behind me so…”

Blaze nodded as she noticed Rouge waving to her!

“Rouge! Oh hey!”

Blaze headed in for a hug as Rouge held her arms out to accept.

“Hey, Princess! How are you?”

Blaze nodded her head.

“I’m very pleased today! I’ve encountered a few bumps on the way here, but I made it!”

Rouge put up a caring smile.

“Oh, Blaze! I can’t wait for you to tell me more darling! So who are you here with?”

Blaze let go as she turned to Sonic.

“I’m here with Sonic. We were planning on staying for the day!”

Sonic grew weary as the conversation kept on. Rouge threw a sly look to Sonic as the hegehog became nervous.

”Rouge is sooo gonna twist this, and there’s nothing I can do about it!”


Sonic looked to his right as surfers were waving towards him! Both Rouge and Blaze turned to him at this.

“That’s my cue to leave! I’ll leave you two girls to talk.”

Rouge giggled at the hedgehog.

“Hehe! Thanks Big Blue. Don’t drown!”

Sonic rolled his eyes, and saluted them as he ran off to meet the surfers. While Sonic was joining the surfers, the two women went to the chairs Sonic already set up.

“So, how are things going back in your world Princess?”

Blaze held her arms as she smiled.

“Everything is going fine! Not a lot has occurred since last I left. The Sol Emeralds are safe, and the people are very much pleased.”

Rouge became relieved that everything was going okay in her world!

“That’s so great Blaze! But I’m kinda curious! How’d you get here honey?”

Blaze lowered her head before responding.

“I...I came here myself. I used the Sol Emeralds to get here.”

Rouge became surprised at this!

“By yourself? For what sweetie?”

Before any more conversation continued, they reached the long chairs as both of them rested upon the comfy seat. Blaze took the towel and wrapped it around her waist as she returned to conversation.

“This may sound very trivial but...I missed this place.”

Rouge nodded as she understood her feelings.

“Aww...Well sweetie, what did you start to miss?”

Blaze took in the scent of the ocean before responding.

“I missed the smell of the ocean. It helped me think about this place. Our world is so different, but yet every turn I take...I’m reminded of how much I’ve missed this place.”

Rouge kept agreeing with Blaze. Listening to every word that Blaze spoke. The more they talked, the more deeper their conversation got, and the more closer they were nearing to a topic that Blaze would least expect!

“Wow Honey. That was a lot to take in! But...out of everything you’ve told me, you haven’t told me about what’s going on between you and Big Blue here Sweetie!”

Blaze became flushed at this.

“H-how do you mean?”

Rouge gave Blaze a sarcastic look.

“I think you and me both know what I mean.”

Blaze shook her head as she disregarded the gesture.

“There’s nothing more than our friendship Rouge. I’m sure of it!”

Rouge didn’t believe a word.

“Can you tell me honestly Honey, that while you’re living with Sonic haven’t thought about having a relationship with him?”

Those words made Blaze stop in her one-track mind. It made her travel back to that night when she slept with him, and warmed him up. She remembered herself considering a possible future with the hedgehog where they both ruled as King and Queen.

Blaze could only stay silent for so long. Rouge had to break the silence at this point.

“You have. Haven’t you?”

Blaze couldn’t deny it.

“Yes, I have. But it means nothing if he isn’t from my world!”

Rouge couldn’t believe what she was hearing!

“Blaze! With all due respect to someone of royalty: Do you hear yourself?!”

Blaze stayed silent for a moment as Rouge continued on.

“Honey, I know that you two are different. *Sigh* Here! Sit up, let me tell you a story.”

Blaze sat up as she faced Rouge.

“When I first met Knuckles, we got off on the wrong foot. Me being a thief and him a guardian of a very beautiful Emerald, set off sparks between us. We fought for a while because of how different we were! I actually miss those days when I could kick that arrogant Knucklehead where it hurts!”

The two began chuckling at this.

“It only took me to be close to death to lighten up, and I regret not settling our differences sooner. It was only after we became friends, and then…”

Blaze made the connection.

“You two came together. Despite of how much you’re opposite of each other.”

Rouge nodded.

“Exactly. I actually like it when people call us the Power Couple! Fits with how much we love and argue with each other.”

Blaze took a small smile.

“So my point in saying this doesn’t matter where or who you’re from. Don’t let your differences affect how you feel! Trust me. I never thought I would be with the Redhead. Now here I am, a thief dating a guardian. Who woulda thought!”

Blaze nodded as Rouge continued on.

“Now I’m not telling you to do anything Honey. I just want you to think about it. That’s all!”

After hearing this, Blaze immediately hugged Rouge tightly in appreciation.

“Thank you for your wisdom Rouge. You’ve helped me find clarity once again.”

Rouge accepted the hug as she returned the hug.

“You’re welcome Blaze. I’m always here for ya!”

Blaze let go as she searched for the hedgehog surfing on the ocean. As she looked out, Sonic came rushing in! A big wave was coming in behind him as the other surfers were trailing the hedgehog! It looked like he was in a race as he just came in first!

Sonic circled back around as he fived a couple of them. As he surfed back out, the waves were forming once more! This one was bigger than the last, as Sonic went out once more! He rode by the boardwalk to keep level with the waves! The rest of Sonic’s crew followed behind him as he neared the wave.

One of them shouted to the Blur.

“Dude! This is a huge wave man! You sure you wanna shred this one?”

Sonic observed the rising wave. His demeanor became determined as he nodded toward them.

“I got one thing to say: Ride!”

The surfers nodded as Sonic and the others drifted off. The wave was massive! Sonic headed right for it as he curved on every ripple that came by! Sonic felt the board steadying on as he paddled towards the wave.

Back on land, Blaze stood at the boardwalk! She saw Sonic heading for the wave as she became weary of the danger ahead! As Sonic stood to begin his run under the wave, some of the surfers who played it safe, headed back for the coast. Only two surfers were left following the hedgehog under the massive wave.

One of them came near the hedgehog as he began to warn him.

“Sonic! Make sure you stay level under here! Use your leg rope and you’ll be fine!”

Sonic gave a thumbs up as the surfer nodded.

“Alright! I’m gonna stay on the bottom of the surfline! Don’t die dude!”

Sonic nodded as he made his way into the wave! Blaze could only watch as the hedgehog disappeared into the surfline. Sonic became completely out of view as other people stood on the boardwalk to watch the bravest of surfers try and survive the monstrosity of the wave! Only Blaze couldn’t bear to look away. She wanted to make sure Sonic would come out of this alive!


A voice yelled from the ocean. Someone came out from the wave that was beginning to crash down! Blaze hoped it was Sonic, but no! It was one of the surfers that followed him in! Not long after, the last surfer arrived from the wave! But still no Sonic! Blaze’s heart started to palpitate out of control! Her anxiety reaching new heights as she tried to find Sonic through the descending wave!

The surfers were looking back towards the wave as both of them held their heads in disbelief! There was still no sign of Sonic in the ocean as the surfers went back out to search for him!

*Gasp!* SONIC!

Blaze removed her towel and hopped in the ocean! With all of her resilience and immense strength she swam! Her speed increased as the adrenaline spiked! Her heart was beating rapidly and constantly as she became bent on saving Sonic! She reached the surfers who were looking around and was ready to dive in.

“Lady! Wait!”

A surfer placed a hand on her shoulder, as she took a hard glance towards him.

“Take your hand off of me.”

The surfer tried to reason with the Princess as he let her go.

“Listen to me! He’s too deep down! You can’t last that long under there!”

Blaze shook her head as she took her hairband down. She set it on the surfboard as she looked down with intent.

“I have to try. There’s a chance that he is still alive!”

Without another second, she entered the ocean. She swam down as fast as she could as the water cleared! Her vision was sharp! She was able to peek through the darkness as objects came into view. The temperature of the water didn’t affect the feline as her powers began to work, the farther down she went.

She looked around. Her eyes picked up on a familiar surfboard! The leg rope was still intact, as a ray of hope glistened within the feline as she searched the area. If his surfboard’s here, then Sonic couldn’t be far off from where she is!

”I’m coming Sonic! Please hold on for me!”

Blaze passed through reefs as black figures came into view. While searching, Blaze could feel her breath running short! She didn’t have much time left before she needs to come back for air! Her speed picked up as she felt plants rustling through her feet.


Her foot caught on something! It felt like...a hand! Something was grabbing on to her foot! She could only pray that it was Sonic! As she turned around, she grabbed the hand and began to pull as hard as she could! With all of her inherited might, the person floated up! But danger was nearing as her eyesight became blurry! Only her hands could tell her if this was Sonic.

As she felt around his body, she felt spines along the back of him! Hope was now filling up in the Princess as she placed his hands around her chest, and swam back to the top of the sea! However, her ascension slowed down. Her strength was fading as the adrenaline she had before...was dying down, but Blaze wasn’t ready to give up! She used the last of her energy to make it up to the surface! Her hand nearing the edge of air!



Blaze reached the top! Her breath was short, but was catching back up! The surfers were relieved as Blaze carried Sonic on her back, and to the shore! Sirens were going off as Blaze sped towards the shore. Feelings of exhaustion overwhelmed Blaze as she neared the coast of Spring Beach.

”Sonic’s safe.”

As she brought him on land she laid him down, and checked for a pulse!

”Please be alive!”

Upon touch, Blaze felt the fast heartbeat of the hedgehog. Almost immediately, he opened his eyes and turned to launch the water rising from him. As he began coughing up, Blaze wiped her forehead in relief at this.

Guh…Thanks for the save! *Cough*

Blaze tried to stay calm as her anger towards the hedgehog steadied on.

“Let’s go…”

Blaze draped a towel over the hedgehog as he stood up as she placed a hand on his back.

“Rouge returned the items back to the vendors. Now let’s go home so you can warm up.”

Sonic nodded as he began drying himself off.

7: 33 p.m.

“Are you insane Sonic?!”

The hedgehog came from the shower to see a very unhappy Blaze!

“What? I had it covered!”

At that point, Blaze was ready to burn the hedgehog.

“Then why did I save from drowning at the bottom of the ocean?! You could’ve died Sonic! Do you get that?!”

Sonic began to wipe the water from his forehead.

“Blaze, you should know me by now! I love to take risks! What’s the big deal?”

Blaze’s anger was rising from the excuse he was giving.

“The big deal?! The BIG deal is that you don’t care about how other people might be impacted by your arrogance!”

Sonic grew confused by this.

“Like who Blaze?”

Blaze couldn’t contain her anger any longer. She started to shout as she burst into tears.


Tears started to fall from her at this point. No words were spoken after the outburst as Sonic was stunned by the rage she displayed. As Blaze ceased her words, she retreated to her room. Sonic tried to follow, but was too late as Blaze locked the door behind her.

“Blaze! Wait!”

Sonic knocked on the door, but no response came from the Princess.

“Blaze. I’m so sorry…”

Sonic slid down the wall as he began to understand what Blaze was trying to tell him.

”Argh! I’m such a jerk! What was I thinking?!”

Sonic knew he couldn’t wallow in self pity for long. The only thing Sonic could do was wait for her to calm down.

”I didn’t mean to hurt her this bad! I gotta find a way to fix this.”

Sonic stayed by the door as he began to regret his words.


11: 36 p.m.

Sonic waited. 4 hours he sat by the door waiting for a response, and nothing came. Nothing! He could’ve sworn she left the premises as the hedgehog began to worry for the Princess. He made one final attempt as he stood up, and knocked on the door.

“Blaze? You still in-?...”


The door unlocked. Blaze opened the door as she stood in the hedgehogs presence. Not a word was spoken as Sonic took a deep breath. Unsure of the Blaze’s feelings, Sonic knew he had to apologize.

“Blaze, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to-.”

A finger silenced him. Blaze met his eyes as the hedgehog ceased his words

“For once, can you stop talking Sonic?”

Sonic kept silent as he felt a hand drag him into her room. The Blur didn’t understand what was happening as Blaze led him inside. Sonic became speechless as Blaze pushed him down upon the sheets.

“Blaze, what-?”

Blaze pounced on the hedgehog. She pinned him down as Sonic was hesitant upon resisting! Sonic didn’t understand what was going through her mind as she covered herself over him.  Her strength beginning to overpower his as Sonic lied motionless. The Blur managed to only gaze into the eyes of the feline as instinct overwhelmed the Princess!

Her golden eyes began to pierce through his emerald green eyes as both of the heroes gazed upon each other in this moment. Sonic felt a small blip of anxiety pass by him as Blaze tightened her grip on him.


Those were the only words that fell from her lips. Blaze’s fangs appeared from her as she slowly herself down on Sonic. Her mouth neared his as the tension between them were building. All Sonic could do was watch as Blaze held him in place.

“I’m going to request something of you...and you must answer me…”

Sonic didn’t have much of a choice. He nodded willingly to the Princess’ plea.

“Will you…”

Blaze’s leg rubbed against the frozen hedgehog. A chill ran down his spine as the feline continued.

“...give in…”

Sonic’s heart started beating rapidly. The heat from the feline flowed through the hedgehog as her lips neared his. Her body pressing on his chest as the alluring cat finished her plea.

“ me…?”

Sonic managed to respond, but his words became unsteady. The more he understood the Princess’ intentions, the more anxious he became.


Blaze formed a seductive smile as fangs revealed themselves from her lips.

“Cat got your tongue? I shall remedy this...”

Sonic was petrified. He has now become the feline’s prey. One of which she hadn’t realized until this moment.


Blaze placed a finger on his lips once more. Her body grasped onto his as the sheer force of passion began to rise in Sonic. He did his best to restrain it, but Blaze made it ever so difficult to do so as she tried to push his limits.

“Blaze…*pant* are you…?”

Sonic could feel it. He couldn’t continue as he became lost in the steamy movements presented before him. Blaze couldn’t wait any longer as she locked her lips upon his. The gap between bliss and ecstasy became enveloped in euphoria as both of them became lost to their desires. Sonic tried to break free, but his body began to give in.

Blaze broke the kiss as a low growl came from her. A sign of savage love dawned upon her as claimed her prey in victory. Her predatory eyes revealed emotions expressed to the hedgehog.

“I’ve caught you Sonic…”

At this, her lips quickly made it back to Sonic as her fangs intentionally caught on his lips. Pain shot through him as pleasure followed immediately after. The low muffled trills she made were surfacing new sensations that the hedgehog never felt before.

“...You are mine.”

Sonic could feel the fire rising within himself. He accepted the movements being made as he finally caught his breath. Love began to find it’s way into his heart as he began to return the passion flowing through the night.

“...If I’m yours…”

Sonic managed to take control as he flipped Blaze over. It surprised her as she became stunned by the sudden turn!

“...then you’re gonna need to keep up with me…”

Blaze pushed herself up as she grabbed on to his back. Her hands making their way down his shirt. She quickly pulled it off as she regained her power over him. She pinned him once more as her eyes showed intent. Her fangs once again shone from her lips as she accepted the challenge.

“...I accept your challenge...Blue Hedgehog…”

Blaze pulled him back in for a kiss as the night continued on. Not another sound was spoken or heard as the walls housed the romance between the heroes.

All that could be seen outside were the clouds clearing away as the night stretched on.

End of Wednesday.
For now, I'll remove the mature content ban under that part. Please note that DA is watching my content. This is something I need to be careful of in the future.
Cooly109 Here folks! I apologize for the mature content ban under my latest part, Sonaze: A Week: Wednesday. As of now, DA is watching my content and shutting down some stories I have, due to my careless writing. As of now, I'm on temporary leave until I can figure this out. Hopefully this'll be short, simple, and sweet! But when I return people, there will be changes that I have to make!


I'll be removed from the DA community permanently! To go more in depth with the threats:

- I cannot use another account with the same e-mail
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- I will be banned from any groups I've joined
- I cannot make anymore purchases from DA.

So as you can see, I am dealing with a lot of baggage right now! Don't worry folks, I won't be getting banned from the community. (At least I hope not!) I'll be back soon guys! Count on it!

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